Interpretation experience of the piano movement at the Theater Auditorium de Poitiers (TAP). A pianist, equipped with reflective markers all over his body, is surrounded by a set of cameras. Behind him, an artificial head equipped with a microphone in each ear allows binaural recording, reproducing human natural sound perception. During this experiment, pianists take turns playing several works on a Steinway & Sons piano. The sounds are captured in two ways, the first to respect human listening (binaural sound) and the other done with professional sound recording. The three-dimensional movements of the upper limbs and fingers of the pianists are recorded by a “motion capture” system, using reflectors positioned on the skin and on the piano and 16 high-frequency cameras. The objective is to test the piano hypothesis, according to which the personality of the performer would have an influence on the sound of the instrument. This work has been supported by the Institut Pprime and the CPER / FEDER 2015-2020 program of the New Aquitaine Region.

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