High definition digital simulation of the Earth’s core. This section in the plane of the equator shows the hot (blue) and cold (gold) plumes that animate the Earth’s core of convection movements, at the origin of the Earth’s magnetic field. Hot plumes are produced on a very small scale at the solid seed (black disk in the middle) and rise widening towards the terrestrial mantle (black zone outside). Large warmer or colder areas are also forming. The vertical average temperature profile of the core was removed (warmer in the center, cooler outside) to visualize small variations around this average. Shield that protects us from the solar wind, the Earth’s magnetic field is produced by the movement of liquid iron in the outer core (3,000 km below the surface of the Earth). However, it is difficult to study it beyond the observations and analysis carried out on the surface of the Earth or in the laboratory. These high definition digital models are the most detailed to date and reproduce a large number of phenomena such as polar tornadoes. The researchers hope to extend this type of simulation to the geological time scale, in order to better understand the reversal of the magnetic poles, the last of which dates back to 780,000 years ago.

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